“Wow, I can’t believe how strong you’ve gotten since your incident!” If this is something you want to hear, you must look no further than one of the best rehab techniques out there, pilates workouts. You might be asking yourself right now,

“What are pilates workouts?”

  • Pilates are a form of exercise that aims to try and fix the imbalances in our bodies that we have let ourselves become accustomed to.
  • Some of our pain stem from these muscular imbalances and cause us to injury ourselves.
  • Increasing popularity over pilates workouts has proven to be an effective conservative method for rehabilitation, treating pain and orthopedic injuries.

“What do pilates workouts do?”

  • Strengthen the body, focusing heavily on the core muscles of the body
  • Improves balance and flexibility
  • Improves posture and prevents slouching
  • Tones muscle
  • Improves range of motion

“Why are pilates workouts so useful?”

  • It is important to strengthen the body as much as one can, especially during rehabilitation
  • However it is not just about building core muscles, but also expanding flexibility.
  • Improving balance and flexibility will help decrease the risk of future injuries, as flexibility can enable the body to move in ways that it previously couldn’t or do so in a safe way that would not cause and injury.
  • A better range of motion will also help decrease a risk of future injuries
  • The way we move in our daily lives usually puts a strain on different parts of the body-
  • Having bad posture can weaken your pelvic muscles or other muscles which can lead to injury.
  • Pilates corrects these imbalances by focusing in a patient’s core.

“Why is the core so heavily focused on?”

  • The core is considered to be the center of the body, involving abdominal muscles and muscles adjacent to the spine.
  • When working these muscles, it helps everything align with itself.
  • Once you strengthening the core is achieved, you can focus on strengthening the muscles throughout the rest of your body so that you can prevent future injury.

So what does all this information mean? Well, the whole purpose of recovery and rehabilitation is to repair your body from the damage it has went through. The key goal of the rehab is to heal the specific part of your body that was damaged, but when going through rehab and doing physical therapy, you should aim to fix not only the part of you that obviously needs repair, but to fix from within to prevent future issues from even occurring. Pilates are extremely helpful in achieving this. As mentioned before, pilates workouts works on the core of the muscles, which leads to all the muscles in the body in some connecting way. Besides helping you build a stronger core, it helps improves all aspects of your body, which in the long run will help prevent you from being in a situation in need of rehabilitation like you are now. So by doing pilates workouts while in rehab, you are setting your body in the right direction by building not only a stronger core, but helping to improve your posture, flexibility and range of motion, which will all help you to protect yourself from injury in the future.

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