Nerve Mobilization

When we give ourselves the chance to let go of all our tension, the body’s natural capacity to heal itself can begin to work.”  – Nhat Hanh

What is nerve mobilization?

Like tree branches, nerves run through our body transmitting sensations to the brain and spinal cord. But too much tension or compression on them can lead to tingling, numbness, inflammation or a variety of conditions including carpal and tarsal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, arm and leg pain and more. Through the application of precise pressure, Dr. Yanai can locate and release the source of the problem, relieving symptoms and restoring harmony.

How Nerve Mobilization Works

Freeing a specific nerve up so that it can glide more freely or providing a slow and gentle stretch for part of the neural network can hugely improve muscle function, liberate movement, and realign joints. Thanks to years of education and experience, Dr. Yanai can locate the right combination of nerves to release, which can often be the missing key to addressing a complex issue. WHAT CONDITIONS CAN

Nerve mobilization can treat many syndromes including:

Dr. Yanai will first determine the length, elasticity and irritability of a patient’s nerves to determine the best course of action. And by re-evaluating the nervous system over the course of a treatment series, she’ll have a better understanding of how many sessions the series should entail. Everyone’s recovery process is different. Directions Physical Therapy & Acupuncture will work with you until you’re free of pain with a renewed sense of mobility and range of motion.

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