Reiki also known as “energy healing” originated in Japan. Just like acupuncture that also affects energy flow in the body, the concept is energy needs to move through the body without any blockages and Reiki can help improve energy flow, affecting the body’s ability to achieve homeostasis and heal themselves. When there are blockages in energy flows, they can cause a variety of symptoms, including physical, mental, and emotional pains.

How Nerve Reiki Works

The idea is that practitioners let energy flow into themselves from the “universe” or environment and then let it enter patients’ body. All living things has this energy flow that can affect one’s ability to heal themselves. Practitioners help patients’ energy flow freely. Reiki has been used widely, including at major hospitals in New York City and many research studies have been done to show its effectiveness.

Reiki can be used to treat physical and emotional stresses to alleviate or relieve symptoms.

Therapists at Directions Physical Therapy & Acupuncture have been trained to use Reiki as appropriate in conjunction with therapeutic exercises and other hands-on exercises to maximize the effects of Reiki.

How Myofascial Release Works:

Restrictions in myofascial itself can cause minor to severe pain. Myofascial restrictions can also compress adjacent structures such as nerves, blood vessels, joints, and more, which can also cause pain as well as secondary body malfunctions such as misalignment of joints, nerve pain, swelling, and more. Myofascial release can improve viscoelasticity, optimizing functions of myofascial and their adjacent structure.

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