Myofascial Release

Massage is one of the oldest healing arts and is an integral part of physical therapy programs today that treat a wide range of conditions from low back pain to depression and beyond. Fascia is a connective tissue that surround and connect all structures in our body, including bones, blood vessels, nerves, organs, and more, and myofascial is fascia that covers the muscles. Myofascial Release is a type of highly effective manual therapy that focuses on releasing tension and restrictions in the muscles to relieve pain.

How Myofascial Release Works:

Restrictions in myofascial itself can cause minor to severe pain. Myofascial restrictions can also compress adjacent structures such as nerves, blood vessels, joints, and more, which can also cause pain as well as secondary body malfunctions such as misalignment of joints, nerve pain, swelling, and more. Myofascial release can improve viscoelasticity, optimizing functions of myofascial and their adjacent structure.

Symptoms that can be effectively treated with myofascial release Include:

Therapists at Directions Physical Therapy & Acupuncture assess restrictions in the affected areas in all directions and various depths and determine the ultimate technique to release the restrictions. They may use deep pressure, gentle myofascial stretch, rolling and kneading techniques, based on their assessment. In acute cases, this can be done in a few sessions and for assessing of chronic injuries, such as lower back pain and neck pain that have been caused by years of stress affecting myofascial layers secondary to overuse, bad posture, long-term compensation, improper movement patterns, etc. Longer courses of treatment may be required to release restrictions and correct body mechanisms so that you can go back to performing activities you love.

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